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Vertical Bows


In the market for a bow but not sure what to look for? These four factors will help you narrow it down.
Come test a few at our in-store range and see what works best for you!


Although most compound bows are adjustable, it is important to know your draw length when shopping for any type of bow. Each make and model has a specific range in which it can be adjusted. One of our Outfitters in store would be happy to help you determine your draw length, or you can try at home using this simple method.

  1. Measure your arm span in inches (fingertip to fingertip)
  2. Calculate your approximate draw length: Divide your arm span calculation by 2.5 and that will be your approximate draw length.

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There are three types of crossbows. Let us help you decide which is best for you.

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Hunting Regulations

Crossbow hunting in North America

Always refer to your province’s hunting regulation manual for full details on where, when, and what you can hunt using your crossbow. Here are some links for your reference:

Hunting regulations - provincial laws

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